Atomizer stuck inside shaft

I was about to refill my nautilus mini tank, but when I took the bottom off the atomizer didn't come out with it. It stayed screwed in to the shaft & when I tried to unscrew it from the shaft it will not come out. Any suggestions on how to safely get it out without damaging anything. I have never had this happen before & have used these tanks ever since they came out. I love this tank & can't figure out what could have happened different this time to cause this. PLEASE HELP
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  • Dear Customer,
    You can use a cloth or paper to help you unscrew the coil from the upper hardware.
    What more,you can use pointed pliers to help your unscrew the coil,use the pliers to catch the thread of the coil,then unscrew it out slowly.Please be careful of the glass.

    Have a nice day!
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