why you take down my post about the CF sub ohm mod battery ?

why you take down my post about the CF sub ohm mod battery for ?
it was up on the board yesterday and now its gone from the forums board.
and by the way on the Aspire Atlantis tank it does good and huge vaps.
but noticing the wicking material your using in it is flaking off and flaying straight up through the drip tip opening and in to my mouth.
and the Atomizer is gurgling a bit while vaping can hear and see the juice flaying up and out.
and I using the largest airflow opening.
and yes I am using the battery that was made for it the CF sub ohm battery.
and yes my old usb charge and my multi charge I posted about if it can be charged on it or not.
it does charge the battery and no issues with it.
it just takes a little longer to charge cause the battery charge I got thats multi charger with 5 510 connection slots with adapters on it is not as powerful as the usb charger you put out for it.
but any way maybe you should change the wicking material in the Atomizers for the Atlantis tank.
and yes there is other people complaining about the wicking material check it out here: [url][/url]
I don't know why they haven't come here yet to post about it.
but they are complaining about it.
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