BVC coils spitting juice!

Hi i bought a nautilus mini and the first two coils worked perfectly, but then i ordered 5 replacement coils and found all of them spit juice into my mouth! so i emailed the supplier and they sent me a replacement pack but i still habe the same issue! i have checked the security code on both and they both check out. i also tried it on my regular sized nautilus but it still happens so it has to be a coil issue, any advice would be appreciated!
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  • It's weird that the first two coils that came with the mini did not have the issue. Are you purchasing the replacements from a reputable vendor? There have been instances where fakes passed the scratch code.

    If you are filling the tank without dripping liquid into the air chamber and vaping within the limits and taking normal puffs this should not be happening. I usually pull my drip tip and clean out the area below this as liquid will condense in this area. I have had some spitting issues, but that was my fault vaping at 14 watts and hitting it multiple times at the 1.8mm airhole for long periods.
  • I am having the same issue! The first coil was great, tons of vapor and great taste. I bough a 5 pack of 1.6 ohm and the issue started. I am getting a lot of juice in my mouth. I want back to my B&m and bought a pack of 1.8 to see if maybe I got a bad batch of coils but this pack is doing the same thing!!!! I disassembled the who tank, washed it, blew it out with compresed air to be sure NO water was left behind. I then put a new coil, filled it and let it sit for 1 hour. Took 3 pulls to prime it and I am getting the same issue. Lots of un vaporized juice in my mouth. I am very upset that I am now out 60$ for the tank and 2 packs of unusable coils. Can someone help please! Reading the forums I know I am not the only person this has happened to.
  • Dear Customer,
    Here some suggestion for you problem.
    First,to make sure the wattage and voltage you using under permitted range.
    Second,when smoking ,you can hear gurgling voice,and the e-juice enter into your mouth or tongue,you catch the base of the nautilus mini,the drip tip adown,then swing the nautilus mini several times to let the excess juice out,then the problem will be solved.
    Third,adjust the airflow hole to the biggest
    What's more,it is important that the time of coils soaking into e-juice can not be too long,it it good for 3 or 5 minutes,otherwise,it is easy to cause leaking or e-juice enter into mouth,if the coils soaking into e-juice too long
    last,it is better the proportion of the VG of the e-juice under 50%.
    Thank you!
  • Had the same problem, found that the problem was not the coils but me. I wasn't closing it all the way (this things are hard to open). The coil that was spitting is not anymore (aspire mini).
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