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Well, I’ve been putting this off for a bit, due to a rocky start (my mistakes). But to start off with my review of the Atlantis, the only thing I have to say…


I’ve been rocking a Nautilus Mini previously, mainly because I’m a flavor chaser. But damn!!! This Atlantis is the best of both worlds, flavor and cloud! The enhanced flavor coming from the Atlantis surpasses the Nautilus at least by two fold from all my flavors.

With using the 2mm aperture, which is approximately the same as the Nautilus (for equal comparison), the flavors of are so much more intense and enjoyable. Experimenting with the 4 openings, I’ve found that the 2.8mm (one step up from the smallest) is my personal sweet spot. Big enough so I have some resistance, but not to open. The flavor is just as intense as the 2.0mm opening, and the cloud is so, so perfect! Blowing ‘cloud’ rings is so much fun at this opening. That and it doesn’t feel like I’m sucking my brain out of the back of my head. Because of this, I am tempted to modify my Nautilus Mini and drill out bigger air holes.

By moving up to the larger air holes, the flavors stay but the cloud production increases dramatically. So much so, with the largest opening, when I’m in my living room kicking back watching TV, I have to open a window to air out the room when at the full open option (2.6mm). Hell, when watching TV I have to make a mental note not blow the cloud directly out from in front of my face, otherwise I can’t see what’s playing on the TV! Do’h!!!!

As for the longevity of the coils. I’ve already put through 45 ml of juice though one coil and it’s still going. When I first filled up the tank, on a fresh coil I sat and watched the bubbles escaping from the hole and was surprised at how soon it stopped. I noticed that the juice level dropped, and dropped, and dropped. If I had to guess, the wicking material holds about 1 ml juice. It didn’t take very long for the coil absorb to that much juice. It was roughly 2 minutes before the bubbles stopped. That’s about half the time my Nautilus Mini takes to stop bubbling and have the wicking material fully saturated. BTW, I was used 20/80 PG/VG e-juice for the first use.

Once I use up this coil, I will put in the flavor I like that gunks up coils FAST and report back. I’m not sure why I didn’t try this flavor first, but that’s my mistake. I’ll report back later on how it turns out.

Also, as you run juice through the coil, it keeps getting better and better. With a fresh coil, the initial flavor can be a bit harsh, but as the coil “brakes in” the flavor mellows but intensifies. I know that last statement is a bit of an oxymoron but it’s true! Also as the coil “breaks in” you get less gurgling and spitting (if you get any in the first place).

One thing, when changing flavors, it takes quite a while for the new flavor to finally hit the coil. But when the new flavor hits the coil, WOW.

I have to make a note about the drip tip. Did you know that the big bore drip tip from the Atlantis fits on the Nautilus/Mini? For fun, I’ve put the big bore tip on my mini, and I am surprised that just the tip alone helps enhance the flavors from my mini. Weird, but I like it! Looks stupid as all get out on my mini, but it is an enhancement.

But with every good thing, there are some bad that go with it. First thing, first. The tank: it’s too small. 2ml capacity isn’t enough for this setup. Because of the increase cloud production, you go through juice fast.

Also, removing the tank from the upper hardware is an absolute pain! The little finger tangs that press on the inside of the Pyrex tank exert too much pressure. I actually broke my first glass tank trying to remove it from the upper hardware (hence my rocky start), by following the instructions of rocking it back and forth while pulling. I modified the tangs by bending them down a bit more with a small screwdriver to relieve the pressure. It helped, but even it’s still difficult to remove the tank. I would recommend leaving the tank in the upper hardware, unless you absolutely have to. Leave the Pyrex in place and just rinse under water of you want to clean things out. If you break your tank, just follow the video instructions that Aspire has posted in their support forums.

One other thing, lower your nicotine level in your juice when you get the Atlantis. Start out at 3mg/ml then work up (or start at 0mg/ml and supplement with another tank). With the increase vapor production in the Atlantis, you get stronger nicotine hits.

That last bad thing about the Atlantis: I can’t put the damn thing down!!! My Nautilus’s are getting lonely because the Atlantis is always in hand.
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  • I'm at work now and I just went and tried the display model Atlantis tip on my mini Naut. It does look a little too wide but it hit ok ;)
  • Just picked one up. Absolutely love it. The Aspire brand is very good. I wasted a lot of money going through the cheap disposable ecigs, etc., this thing hits for real.
  • Time for a follow up:

    I finally went with a new coil on one of my favorite juices, that gunk up coils. It still gunks up the Atlantis coil :( I only got around 8-10ml before it was toast. Itwas a custom flavor that I created, Vanilla Rum. 9 out of 10 people who have tried the flavor LOVE it and have asked for the recipe. I always warn them that this flavor will eat through coils faster than any flavor I've found. They still use it.

    I've finally given up on that flavor and gave away all my stock of it. Told the shop that mixes it up for me to put a note on it that it will gunk up coils FAST, as it has been purchased by others after I created it.

    But other than that, it is still rocking!

    I currently vape a "Popping Pineapple" (Pineapple and cherry) at 0mg/ml Nicotine, in my Atlantis. I still haven't found out how much juice I can put through it. The max I've gotten is around 60 ml, but I keep forgetting to keep an eye on the juice level and have dry burned two coils so far, but the coils were still going strong before I killed them. It's just chews through juice faster than (insert your favorite phrase here)!!!!

    As for PG/VG ratios. I've been finding 30/70 to 20/80 (PG/VG) to be the sweet spot. 30/70 the flavor is spot on, but tends to cause spitting (juice landing on tongue with the "snap, crackle and pop") . 20/80 the spitting is gone (but still "snaps, crackles, and pops"), but the flavor is a bit muted compared to 30/70.

    But that is the nature of clearomizers and atty coils. They really are juice dependent. Unlike a RDA, which can take just about anything you throw on it.

    As for vapor production. I still get a kick hanging out at my vape shop, watching guys go on and show off how big a cloud they make with their RDA's, and I sit there and blow almost as big a cloud as they do. They rebuild, wrap coils, trying different setup's (dual to quad coils, horizontal to vertical), tinker with cotton tucking it here and there, drip, hit, hit, drip, hit, hit, hit, drip. And I just sit back, fill up my tank, pop in a fresh battery and vape away.

    The youngest kid that works at the shop always comes up to me and nudges me and says: "You're keeping up with them, but without all the work."

    Now for the Honesty part: Is this as good as an RDA? Almost, but not quite. I have tried some RDA's that are just mind blowing with flavor and vapor production. And others that don't come close to the Atlantis. The Atlantis, in my opinion, is in the middle. But with the ease of use.

    Another thing, this device creates a warm hit, compared to other clearomizers. Something to keep in mind. I've heard, and read about people complain about the harsh throat hit with the Atlantis. But they are coming from other, smaller clearomizers (Nautilus/mini). But that is just the nature of sub ohm setups, they produce a warmer hit. So keep that in mind, that it may not be to your liking.
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