Aspire Nautilus stripped tube

I purchased the Aspire Nautilus tank and have used it for about 2 or 3 months successfully, however, now I cannot screw any of the heads into the tank "tube". It appears the threads within the silver tube postion inside the glass tank are somehow stripped and it will not tighten. I have tried brand new heads, used heads, all of them have the same problem. I cannot get a tight fit from the heads to the tank. I have never pushed too hard when screwing in or replacing the heads, I don't know why this issue has occcurred. Now the tank simply will not securely connect to the lower portion of the Nautilus device or connect securely with any of the heads, and there seems to be some leakage with the the Nautilus tank itself since it will not make a secure connection to the threads on the heads, new or old. Is there a replacement part I can purchase that will repplace the metal tube inside the glass tank, or am I stuck puchasing a whole new unit, which I am very hesitant to do since I expected this tank to last me more than a mere 2 or three months. I am very disappointed with the quality of this tank that this sort of issue could happen so easily. The only reason I am still interested in replacing the Nautilus tank is that I have already invested in a number of replacement heads for it, otherwise I would be looking for a different tank system all together. Does your customer service have any recommendations for me or can I get this tank fixed or replaced?

Thank you for your consideration.

Jeremy D. Kean
Chicago, IL 60618
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