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Hello,my 2 week old nautilus mini,number 6414 8541 8410 1217 has come apart.the top cover has separated from the pressed on inside this covered by aspire?
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    What does "has come apart.the top cover has separated from the pressed on inside section" mean?Except for glass,other structures are made of stainless steel .Would you please take a picture to show your problem,which will
    help us to solve your problem quickly.
  • Hi, I have the same exact issue described by carrdoc. The cap piece has sepperated from the upper air peice that seems to have been pressed together. Both peices are the stainless steel parts. I've had the tank for 12 days. Number 1976 2337 6357 5812
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    You can buy the replacement part from our online store,thanks.
    Online store website:
    The assessories link: ... -p-79.html
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  • Thank you for the quick response. Fyi I purchased the T window replacement tank from my local store. It is build considerably better in regards to the upper assembly. The upper assembly is non detachable and does not use the pressed cap design like the original. I am much happier with this setup. Just food for thought for anyone who reads this thread.
  • Dear Friend,
    Thank you for your kindly suggestion.I just curious that the upper assembly is made of stainless steel , the cap piece and the upper air piece are unibody design through a big screw,how could they separated from each other except for a strong torsion?
    I'm just a curious girl! :D
    Have a nice day!
  • Sorry about the delay. The screw holds the upper body segment through the glass tank to the lower body. This part has a silicone gasket around it and then a "cap" press fitted over the segment which holds the drip tip. Removing the drip tip at slight angle caused the cap to separate. Hopefully this description made for a better understanding.
  • I have exactly the same issue.
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