• Aspire Triton Release Giveaway---aspire online store activity

    Dear friends,
    The new tank from Aspire is coming.
    Triton! To know the details about aspire triton,please click here:aspirecig.com/products/triton/triton214.html
    We hope everyone will love it. Who will receive one for free this time?
    This activity is going to be crazy so come on everyone!

    Selection and shipping
    1.Every customer will have the chance to receive a free Triton from June 23th to June 25th.
    2.This activity begins at noon (12pm) Eastern Standard Time.
    3.Will give away 50 Tritons for each day of this activity.
    4.DHL is the only shipping method available for this promotional activity and the winner is responsible for shipping fees. (Unless your region requires us to choose a different logistics company, such as EMS or Aramex.)
    5.Winners will receive a tracking number as soon as it is provided by the logistics company.

    Activity requirements
    1.Register an account with our online store. (If you already have one you can simply login.)
    2.Check the online store for details as to whether the activity is ongoing or already finished. If you see the blurb about it that means HURRY!
    3.The first 50 entries will be eligible.
    4.Confirm your shipping address and pay the shipping charges.

    Additional Info
    1.Tracking numbers will be provided the next day.
    2.Please allow for and excuse any issues that may arise with customs. We appreciate your patience regarding this matter should it arise. (For example, if electronic cigarettes are banned in your country we cannot fix or change that and you will not receive your Triton. Of course we will refund any shipping fees you may have paid. Our deepest apologies in advance in regards to this.)
    3.DHL is the only shipping method available for this promotional activity and the winner is responsible for shipping fees.

    We will apply a countdown to our online store(online.aspirecig.com/) ,Please pay attention to our online store.so you can be the first!
  • Aspire Triton Promo! (Reviewer recruitment)100/150 free samples giveaway

    Aspire is proud to announce our all new Triton tank system!
    Click here for further details about the Triton tank system: aspirecig.com/products/triton/triton214.html

    Have you ever considered being a reviewer? Maybe you have watched RIP Trippers or PBusardo and you would like to be a reviewer also? Have you ever dreamt of vapemail. Well you’re in luck! We are seeking some excellent and articulate people to do just that. Whether it be facebook, reddit, ECF or other forums, youtube, or your own personal blog, all of the above is acceptable. We just want our wonderful customers to tell us and the rest of the world about our new Triton tank system. Considering that I want to stress the importance of following the promotions entry requirements. We will be helping to establish new reviewers to help promote our products and raise further awareness about the benefits of electronic cigarettes.

    (1).Activity dates:
    June 17th to June 29th

    (2)How to apply:
    1. Share this post on your facebook or twitter…
    2. Write a comment/review about what aspire products you have used

    100x aspire Triton tank systems
    Note:If this post be shared on facebook and twitter that meets or exceeds 5000 between June 17th and June 29th we will give away another 50 Tritons

    (4)Activity details:
    From June 30th to July 2nd we will contact the winners via email. The winners will receive an invitation letter to congratulate them on being selected. The invitation will include a code which the winners can enter in our online store, at online.aspirecig.com/, to receive their Triton tank system. We will also post the names of the winners on our forums. Note that winners will be responsible for the associated shipping charges.

    We will also post the winners names on our forum.

    (5)Review Requirement:
    1. Your review should be completed within one week after having received your Triton.
    2. Your review, if in text, should be no less than 200 words.
    3. Show the world a picture of your Triton on your review article. (Does not apply to video reviews, obviously.)
    Note:If you cannot fulfill the review requirements please be mindful that those who do not submit a review of some kind will be banned from any similar promotions in the future.

    Follow-up Activity:
    We will post another post on aspire forum, all the winners can show their reviews, then will select several winners who wrote or posted an amazing review. These individuals will then be given another big Surprise from aspire.
  • Aspire Forum Anniversary Celebration--Giveaway

    Aspire's forum is turning one year old. We would like to take a moment to express our appreciation for all the supporting and love you have given us in this past year. As we head into year two we are excited to hear your continued suggestions and feedback. Thank you all for helping make Aspire what we are becoming!
    In order to appreciate your supporting and love for Aspire and aspire forum,share this post with your family or friends and leave the words you want to say to aspire under this post,we will choose three people to send out our new product(aspire triton tank or aspire pegasus box mod),you can choose the one you like.
    Aspire to be your listener!

  • What's your expectation from aspire for Christmas holiday?

    @charlzrocks I won't say it =;

    I just want to see the look on my wife's face when she opens the golden mini :)
  • So many tanks on the market......

    With so many tanks on the market these days it can be hard to choose what to use. Every tank is different and everyone's needs are different. I struggle every day in my decision on what tank I want to use. When choosing the right tank for you, here are a few tips I have found to be useful.

    1. Choose a tank that pairs well with the mod/battery that you are using. Make sure the power requirements of the tank matches what you are using. Just because a mod goes up to 50W and as low as 0.2 Ohms does not mean it will fire all 0.2 Ohm coils. If the coils for the tank you are looking for are rated to be ran above the Wattage output of a device, chances are you are not going to get a good vape. Also, a lot of mods on the market today do not go below 10W. In some higher ohm coils, this may be too high of a wattage for that coil and could burn it out quickly.
    2. Choose a tank for the type of e-liquid you are using. If you are using a higher PG based juice, sub-ohm tanks many not be for you. This kind of juice tends to be harsher the stronger the vape device is. On the flip side, most higher ohm tanks are not made for high VG e-liquid. High VG e-liquid tends to be thicker in consistency and the coils on most higher ohm mods just cannot wick fast enough.
    3. Are you a lung hitter or a mouth to lung hitter? For someone that likes a mouth to lung hits, typically you will want to look for a tank that has a more restrictive air flow and a higher ohm coil. For someone that likes a lung hit, the higher the air flow and lower the ohms is typically better for you.
    4. Are you a flavor chaser or a cloud chaser? This one can be tricky. Higher Ohm coils tend to be better for flavor chasers. This can be very subjective though. There are plenty of sub ohm tanks on the market that are great for flavor chasers. For cloud chasers, you want a sub ohm device. Usually more coils and lower ohms give bigger clouds but not always. Air flow can effect both either way.
    5. Do you want a cooler vape or a warmer vape. The more wattage you use, the hotter the vape will be. Typically a coil that is of higher ohm will provide a cooler vape. A sub-ohm coil typically will give you a cooler vape. This is not always true and will depend on the tank.
    6. What nicotine strength are you using? For higher nicotine strength juices, you will want to use a higher ohm coil. I can run a 12mg juice in a tank that is 1.8Ohms but if I ran it on a 0.5 Ohm tank it would give me too much of a throat hit and would be too harsh. Typically with sub ohm tanks you should use between 0-6mg max. A lot of people use 3mg max in sub ohm tanks but I know plenty that do 6mg. Anything over 6mg will definitely be for higher ohm tank.

    Hopefully with some of these tips, it can help you to choose your next tank. I did not go into Temperature Control because that is not really a big factor atm in most choices and I did not go into the fact that some tanks have crazy coils in them. I would recommend staying away from these types of tanks if you are a beginner.
  • Aspire Cleito sub ohm tank release--giveaway

    Aspire Cleito sub ohm tank release,we have a big giveaway on aspire facebook.
    Click this link to know more details about this giveaway:https://facebook.com/aspirecigs/?fref=ts
    Good luck,everyone!
    Activity as below:
    A great news coming together with me is a wonderful Giveaway. My Aspire family plans to give away 20pcs Cleito tanks to you, check below to know how to win the Giveaway:
    1. Share this post to your timeline or group.
    2. Tag three of your friends
    3. Comment this post.
    Date: December 15th to December 18th.
    We will select and announce the winners on December 18th.
    P.S: I am waiting for going home with you, would you like to take me away? Tell you a secret: finishing all of the 3 requirements will help you have a better chance to win.
  • (Giveaway)Aspire new products-Zelos 50W kit+Nautilus 2 tank

    Hello All,
    Thank you for taking part in this activity.
    According to the rules,Congratulations to below winners,please send your shiping informations(address,telephon number,real name) to me(tina@aspirecig.com),please send me the information before Feb.23,otherwise,we will cancel your chance.
    Below winners win aspire zelos 50W kit:
    Below Winners winn aspire Nautilus 2 tank:

  • Odyssey Mini Review

    @watkijw I just got my Odyssey mini kit(Gold,Chinese version)

    image :D
  • (Giveaway)Aspire Speeder kit giveaway

    Potential game changer of the year!

    I've been looking around a mod that can accommodate two 18650 batteries yet can still keep the mod small and compact. Just by knowing the dimension and seeing the product by watching videos of it, I could tell that it would fit great in the hand. The shape of the body, that rounded edges looks comfortable in held. 10/10 for the size!

    I would say 200w is enough for this mod to be a beast plus add that TCR modes ohh that's awesomeness!

    The real game changer about this mode would be the rotating screen and the CPS (Customizable Power Setting). We all know the struggle of rotating the mod itself just to properly look at the user interface of a device and aspire solved this problem by allowing the screen to rotate freely depending on how you hold the mod. The CPS is for me a big big plus! It sounds like a killer for the pre-heat function. I prefer CPS than Pre-heat because CPS allows you to set your preferred wattage or temp on each specific second ranging from 1 to 10 which of course run up to 10 second unlike pre-heat it only allows you to set your wattage once that runs depending how long you want the ramp up time. The CPS will allow you to let the power up or down(depends on your setting) anytime in between 10 seconds of firing the mod. Wooh that's amazing!

    I just hope that they have centered the 510 connector and of course this is subjective because some people prefer to have the 510 pin not in the middle yet for me I think it's best to place that 510 connector at the center since the design of the mod, everything looks centered. Overall everything is great about this mod. Thumbs up!

    The Athos Tank looks really nice and it looks like a shape of a bullet which adds up to it's good looking shape. For me I like the rainbow and grey color. The gray one would fit best for the Speeder color gray. Both products looks matchy matchy! :)

    I hope Aspire would also include an RBA deck for the Athos Tank and that would make it more better than the other tanks out there. Overall this tank is really nice to pair with the Speeder 200w.

    I've been waiting for this two products to be available here in the Philippines and up until to this date I haven't found anywhere to buy here. Looking forward to use this products! :)
  • (New product tease) Aspire MIXX will come soon

    Here is a video for your reference
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