• Triton Rta problem

    Right EvenI had a little difficulty on this one LOL..

    Pics are hopefully in the right order

    1: Sections of the Trition RTA.

    2:Is the section of 26Gauge Kanthal I Used

    3:Is the Coil I made up, 5 wraps around a 3mm coil master coil builder with the cotton is place before i
    placed in the rta, (Before I did this I Heated the coil up using a Gas cooker, Not pictured
    Coil doesnt look pretty i know, but it was corrected

    4: Cotton in the top section with the cotton protruding on the out before trimming.

    5:Cotton trimmed

    6:Ohms reading of around 0.81 Ohms,

    Put all together, primed it up and sits happy at around 22watts, no dry hits or burnt hits


  • So many tanks on the market......

    With so many tanks on the market these days it can be hard to choose what to use. Every tank is different and everyone's needs are different. I struggle every day in my decision on what tank I want to use. When choosing the right tank for you, here are a few tips I have found to be useful.

    1. Choose a tank that pairs well with the mod/battery that you are using. Make sure the power requirements of the tank matches what you are using. Just because a mod goes up to 50W and as low as 0.2 Ohms does not mean it will fire all 0.2 Ohm coils. If the coils for the tank you are looking for are rated to be ran above the Wattage output of a device, chances are you are not going to get a good vape. Also, a lot of mods on the market today do not go below 10W. In some higher ohm coils, this may be too high of a wattage for that coil and could burn it out quickly.
    2. Choose a tank for the type of e-liquid you are using. If you are using a higher PG based juice, sub-ohm tanks many not be for you. This kind of juice tends to be harsher the stronger the vape device is. On the flip side, most higher ohm tanks are not made for high VG e-liquid. High VG e-liquid tends to be thicker in consistency and the coils on most higher ohm mods just cannot wick fast enough.
    3. Are you a lung hitter or a mouth to lung hitter? For someone that likes a mouth to lung hits, typically you will want to look for a tank that has a more restrictive air flow and a higher ohm coil. For someone that likes a lung hit, the higher the air flow and lower the ohms is typically better for you.
    4. Are you a flavor chaser or a cloud chaser? This one can be tricky. Higher Ohm coils tend to be better for flavor chasers. This can be very subjective though. There are plenty of sub ohm tanks on the market that are great for flavor chasers. For cloud chasers, you want a sub ohm device. Usually more coils and lower ohms give bigger clouds but not always. Air flow can effect both either way.
    5. Do you want a cooler vape or a warmer vape. The more wattage you use, the hotter the vape will be. Typically a coil that is of higher ohm will provide a cooler vape. A sub-ohm coil typically will give you a cooler vape. This is not always true and will depend on the tank.
    6. What nicotine strength are you using? For higher nicotine strength juices, you will want to use a higher ohm coil. I can run a 12mg juice in a tank that is 1.8Ohms but if I ran it on a 0.5 Ohm tank it would give me too much of a throat hit and would be too harsh. Typically with sub ohm tanks you should use between 0-6mg max. A lot of people use 3mg max in sub ohm tanks but I know plenty that do 6mg. Anything over 6mg will definitely be for higher ohm tank.

    Hopefully with some of these tips, it can help you to choose your next tank. I did not go into Temperature Control because that is not really a big factor atm in most choices and I did not go into the fact that some tanks have crazy coils in them. I would recommend staying away from these types of tanks if you are a beginner.
  • aspire products and selections

    Aspire puts out a variety of affordable quality merchandise and they always try to bring forward new products!
  • 18650 40A

    I just bought this battery at a local shop when I saw that they had a couple in stock. I will say this. I am actually impressed with it. I was very skeptical about buying it at first. I have not tried it out in my mech mod tube yet. It is a hybrid type and am still skeptical about using it in it. I charged it up and put it in my IPV Mini 2. Primarily I use a Sony VTC 5 in it. In comparison, it is kicking the VTC5's ass. I am getting more of a consistent draw from my IPV Mini 2 and the battery life being 1800mAh seems like an understatement. With this battery you cannot look at it with the 1800mAh rating for battery life. You have to look at the discharge rate which is calculated to C. A Sony VTC5 would be rated to 11.5C. The Aspire 18650 40A is rated for 22.21C.The Watt Hour rating for a Sony VTC5 is 9.62Wh. The Aspire 18650 40A is rated at 6.66Wh. Here is where it gets tricky. Even though according to these ratings, it would seem as though the VTC5 is has a better capacity. Yes it does theoretically. It has a capacity of 2600mAh compared to the 1800mAh of the Aspire battery. This means that you can get 2.6A per hour with a Sony VTC5 for 9.62hours compared to 1.8A per hour for 6.66 hours with the Aspire battery. Since the Aspire battery is able to provide a higher discharge rate for this time period and a more stable discharge through the life of the battery, you actually use less power of the battery. Like I said it was a tricky. This is what can make it last longer even though it is a weaker battery in terms of Wh and mAh.

    With all that technical babble said, here is what you really want to know. It actually gave my IPV Mini 2 a more stable Amperage and was able to use more of the battery life than the VTC5 since it supplied more Amps at lower voltage. The vape was more consistent. I can honestly say, I might be buying a married pair to see how they vape in my Sigelei 150 since it tends to cut off early of a lot of low ohm, high wattage builds.
  • Triton Rta

    The Rta system for the Triton work's well.It's easy to put together and the pre wrapped coil came out to .4 ohms. Really good flavor and decent amount of vape. The kit came with everything you need. Very impressed.
  • Atlantis v Triton

    I know the coils are interchangeable. I own 2 V1's and a V2. I love the V2 coils and run them in all 3 of my Atlantis tanks. My question is -- Are the Triton coils about the same or far better than the Atlantis V2 coils? I'm not sure I will buy the Triton, but if the coils are even better than what I have been using then I will definitely be looking to acquire them and switch all my Atlantis tanks over. Thanks for any and all input!
  • My Triton and RTA Kit Review

    First I want to thank Aspire for sending me the Triton tank and RTA Kit.

    Triton -

    What can I say about the Triton..well the first thing that is obvious is the top fill on which is freakin awesome. It is so easy to fill on which I can easily fill my tank while driving (do not recommend it always be safe while driving) , but it is that easy. The tank itself is very stylish and love the look of it as it looks great on my Sigelei 50 w box. The airflow is nice with so many options to choose from on how you want to have your air flow while vaping. The top airflow adjustment is a nice touch along with the bottom air flow. I do not use the top, but I am sure there are others that will take advantage of it. Now the .04 ohm coil WOW WOW these coils rock and I mean rock n roll. These new coils and the Triton were designed perfectly for each other as the flavor and the amount of vapor is outstanding. What a big difference from I see with the Triton and new coils from other competitors product Aspire sure hit a home run on this tank.

    RTA Kit -

    This RTA kit is so easy to use and to set up I love it. The one thing I recommend to everyone is too stick to 1.0 ohm to 1.5 ohm with this RTA kit. When you get below 1.0 ohm it tends to get very hot. The pre-made coil was at 0.5 ohm and that baby was cooking that tank, but when I built a 1.1 ohm I love it and it puts out great flavor does not get hot on me just a pleasure to use.

    This RTA Kit is worth buying believe me it is.... once you use it and build your first coil and set up you will be like this is easy peasy and too easy. It hits like the current coils and it has great flavor and vapor.

    Tina and Aspire thank you very much I enjoyed your products and i will upload a photo of my Triton on my regulated box.
  • Triton RTA as a BVC!!!

    I kept looking at the RTA parts and I kept wondering if it could be built as a BVC instead of a horizontal coil.

    It didn't take me long, to figure it out and try it. And it WORKS!!! And it works really well!!!

    The first thing you need is an extra jewelers screwdriver, since you are going to be using the supplied rod/screwdriver during the assembly. And you might need a small needle nose pliers.

    You just need to bend the existing wire (or wrap your own) in the this shape.

    One leg needs just needs to be bent along the side.
    The other leg needs a slight dog leg to get it to be in the center.

    Then slide the wire over the provided rod, with the center wire at the bottom.

    Next, cut a 8mm wide strip of the cotton. Give it a single wrap, and wrap it tightly, around the coil.

    Now take the upper hardware and slide it over the rod.

    Make sure the leg of the wire goes through the proper hole, and stuff the cotton in and tighten the set screw.

    Also, make sure that the cotton isn't covering the bottom of the coil.

    Next you want to join the bottom hardware with the middle hardware (just push it in) to make a lower assembly.

    Now slide the bottom leg of the coil into the center hole of the bottom assembly.

    Screw the upper hardware onto the lower assembly, and tighten up the set screw.

    Remove the rod, clip the wires, and put it in your Triton tank.

    You should notice that the rod helped line up the center of the coil with the hole in upper assembly.

    After putting the coil in the tank, I let the juice sit for around 5 minutes. I am currently using a 20/80 (PG/VG) juice.

    A couple of cold hits with both the air adjust slots closed just to make sure that the juice soaked into the cotton, just for good measure. Then it off to open the air slots and fire it up.

    IT WORKS!!! And it works amazingly well!! Darn near equal to the pre-made from Aspire! I could get used to this, really quick!!

    BTW, if you want to view larger images, check out the web page I made just for this at: Aspire's Triton RTA built as a BVC

  • Show us your amazing Triton reviews!--To win an extra prize from Aspire

    Update to my former Review: Cleaning

    Well, after puffing around since one week with the 1.8 Ohm coil, i somehow got a little metallic flavour - Since i still don't own a RTA/RBA ( :-)))))) and I am the mouth to lung vaper, I cleaned the tank and the Coil: Other than my reviewers above, I had no Problems with the cleaning:
    I took it apart, rinsed the tank from both sides with hot water under the tab, always opening and closing the liquid control and the AFC, shook off the remaining water, and put it itnto the sun for 15 mins - it doen't bother me, that the chamber was still a little damp .... makes maybe 0,01 % Water in the liquid.

    Coil: I took of the bottom and the plastik inlay, so that you can see form the bottom direct onto the wicking and removed the mesh inlya on the top. I took a normal 2ml syringe filled with Vodka and pressed two loads each dierectly into the 4 openings on the side - under pressure. Afterwards the same from the top and the bottom - I repeated that a couple of times and took a thin rolled piece of tissue and cleaned the coil in the middle. Then I rinsed it under hot water and let it dry for half an hour.

    Assemble everything again and the vape was good again -

    So aspire - hury up with the RTA/RBA, since I don't want to miss the TRITON anymore and I only got this one coil :-((

    A really superb product!
  • Aspire Triton Review

    Hello I am the lucky winner of Aspire Triton giveaway (order no:201418737).

    I've always been a huge fan of Aspire products, still I think it's fair to express my actual opinion about Triton and I'll also write about it's weak spots.
    Coming from nautilus/ atlantis and other brand tanks (don't know if I'm allowed to write about them here :-) I was very happy using Triton.

    Overall it's an excellent tank, the 1.8 Ohm head produces huge vapes and excellent flavour. I prefer it for direct-to-lung vaping but it's easily calibrated for mouth to lung vaping (adjustable air-flow ring is great but I miss the nautilus-like holes, maybe next version could have both?). 0.4 Subohm head is also great, although during the first puffs some liquid entered my mouth, next puffs were OK and got some serious clouds. Top air adjustment ring allows someone to adjust how hot he likes his vape.

    Here is my Triton on an istick 30w. (which btw also plays nice with the 0.4Ohm head)

    Looks great, tastes great, excellent build quality, no leaking, easy to fill from the top, yes this is a great tank (OK not perfect but very nice), once again aspire produced a great product.

    Worst fail I can see on this deal is it didn't include the RTA head in the box. I think this would be a huge plus for someone to buy it.Having said that, I would suggest this to anyone eyes-closed, especially if they prefer direct to lung hits. This is a great tank for both advanced and first-time vapers.

    -Best direct to lung clearomizer I've ever used!
    -Top fill is very easy and convenient
    -No leaking, very nice tank manufacturing quality and very cool design
    -Dual airflow is very convenient
    -Huge clouds and very good flavour
    -Great for subohm vaping

    -No RTA head in the box? A terrible mistake in my opinion! (but I think it's easy to rebuild the heads either way)
    -I would prefer additional nautilus-like holes along with the bottom adjustable air-flow ring
    -1.8 Ohm coil head didn't last that long, I used aprox. 40ml of e-liquid on it so I guess that's reasonable.

    OVERALL SCORE: 9.5/10
    OVERALL COMMENT: Excellent, but the RTA head should be included in the box
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