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  • Wanted to give you a BIG THANK YOU! for recommending a specific coil to me. A few weeks ago you replied to a comment of mine about not finding the right coil for the amount of vaping I do. I use the Triton 2 tank. You recommended that I look into the Vaporesso ccel .9 Kanthal coil. This coil is very good. Does not give the amount of flavor like the rest but it does last up to a week vs every couple of days per coil. I like the fact that it runs at a lower wattage and that there is a little more resistance on the draw. Have noticed that I have lowered the amount of liquid I vape by about 1.5-2 ml per day. Thank you, your advice is much appreciated!
    March 2016 Comment
  • Canadian vaper since 2011.

    Mixologist since 2012, Equipment sources:

    500gm X 0.01gm scales, calibration weights, 10ml class A graduated cylinder, plastic dropper bottles are from e-Bay

    I'm in Canada so I bought liquids from Canadian sources to avoid the high cost of cross-border shipping:
    PG, VG, & flavours are from diy-ejuice
    48mg/ml VG nicotine base is from allecigsolutions, also available from gentlemensreserve
    allecigsolutions also has a nicotine test kit, and concentrated flavours

    oral syringes (1, 3, 10, 60ml) can be bought at local pharmacies in Canada for less than the on-line cost
    glass vials for 1ml test batches are from Dollarama
    nitrile gloves were purchased from Princess Auto
    Plano ammunition boxes (shotgun shell size) were bought at Walmart (air-tight, keeps the odour from concentrates contained)

    I mix by weight, not volume, as I find it more accurate.
    November 2015 Comment
  • milmil0428
    how do you volunteer to review?
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  • Old_Salt changed his profile picture.
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  • Old_Salt changed his profile picture.
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