Pockex Spitting, hot and burning juice in the tube


I've been using my Pockex since November and over the past week its started to get hot when vaping, visibly burning the juice in the Pyrex tube and spitting like a navvie. I've changed the coil, well the shop I brought it from did that for me, and I left it for a good 15 minutes while the new coil was charging with juice as I wondered if that could be the problem... but its still doing it. Seeing as its now over 3 months since I brought it, and its now started doing this, the warranty is no longer valid. Has anyone got any idea's how to resolve these issues? As its getting annoying and expensive.
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  • Your shop could be using Fake coils that are substandard. Have you checked the authentication scratch off?
  • Problem sorted, the shop replaced the coil again and tested my PockeX. They found a problem with the PockeX, as a whole, and instead of replacing they gave me a 20% discount on the X30 Rover starter kit and two free juices, which was totally unexpected and left me more than satisfied with the customer service I have received.

    One idea that Aspire could use is fitting the PockeX with an adjustable air vent, this may resolve the issues people are having as it will give it a cooling system built in around the coil itself.
  • Glad you got that sorted out! I have the Rover kit and love it! I also have the PockeX and it has always been on the warmer side of the vape but never had major problems like yours. I would definately say that your local vape shop is treating you right!
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