Aspire Skystar Revvo Kit Recommnended Mod settings?

My Aspire Skystar mod doesn't to function properly, it gets very warm very fast, constantly spews out e liquid and provides terrible taste with Halo liquids.

I have asked this question elsewhere but did not receive any answers. Could someone please provide me the recommended Watt (yes I know it's supposed to be 80-85), Voltage and temperature settings? It seems like I can not quite fine tune my mod, it tends to overheat too fast. Also, what settings should I chose for TC and CPS?

Thank you in advance.
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  • If it's too hot or tastes bad when in wattage mode turn down the wattage until it's pleasing to you. If you cannot find any wattage setting that produces an acceptable vape you should have a qualified person examine the hardware for proper operation.

    There are no temperature control coils available for the Revvo so you cannot use the tank in temperature control mode, and you should not be adjusting or paying any attention to temperature settings. Don't use the mod in temperature control mode when using the Revvo tank.

    The Revvo tank (nor any other competently designed tank) is not intended for any specific type of e-liquid. It's designed for use with any e-liquid.

    Bypass mode bypasses any active control of power level by the mod. The amount of power delivered to the tank when the mod is on bypass mode is determined by the voltage level of the batteries in the mod. With a dual battery mod, like the Skystar, and a low ohm coil, like the one available for the Revvo, the bypass mode will produce too much power to be useful. The Revvo tank with the currently available tank is only intended to be used in wattage mode.

    Good luck with your Skystar kit!
  • Sorry, in my previous post the sentence should read "The Revvo tank with the currently available coil is only intended to be used in wattage mode."
  • The wattage settings for using the Revvo tank are subjective to your own personal tastes. The 80-85 watts was too hot for me and I am running mine at70 watts with no problems. As for the TC (temperature Control) that is a whole animal unto itself. Best to google how these should be set (if you are even using the TC) as I can't instruct you on that. As for the CPS, you can view my tutorial on setting it here:
  • What wattage were you using on the previous mod/tank combo?
  • There is preheat function under wattage mode,
    swipe up the screen twice to allow adjustment of the values, it has three levels:HARD/NOR/SOFT
    if think the output is too hard,you can se the level:soft
  • Bypass is akin to using a mechanical mod where the battery is not regulated by the mod at all. I don't recommend this setting unless you are using a dripper . When using my Revvo tank, I have my wattage set at 65-70 watts for my chocolate tobacco and have no problems. The recommended wattage for the Revvo tank of 80-85 watts is just a basic guideline and you should always adjust the wattage to you own taste for the juice you are using. The higher the wattage the hotter the vape. Some folks prefer a very hot vape. The juice you are using will taste different at different wattage settings and the amount of airflow you adjust will also alter the taste and the throat hit as well. I also suggest not using any higher than 6mg nic content while direct to lung vaping as this will also harsh your vape and give you too much nic per draw/puff. I use (as well as most of my friends) 3mg while direct to lung vaping. Using different modes (wattage, voltage, Temp Control, etc) affect the taste. You should find one mode, let's say wattage and stick with that. If you are unfamiliar with the different modes and how to use them, I suggest going to the ECF and browse around to find some answers on how to use the modes of a regulated mod.
  • @charlzrocks Thank you for making this video, however I do not have a problem with understating how the graph is set, I have a problem with this mod overheating (it gets insanely hot at 80watt), spewing hot semi vaporized liquid and providing a terrible a taste when vaping Halo Liquids. I can not descirebe how different and "baked" it tastes. Is there any way I could set this mods parameters (wats, volts, graph etc) which would make it similar to smok alien or something like that? Because as it is now my halo longhorn doesn't taste the same way it tasted when I vaped it out of smok alien with a big baby beast on it.

  • "What wattage were you using on the previous mod/tank combo? "

    55-60 Watt, big baby beast with X4 coils. But since the Dual Radial coil has a radically different structure and material..Well I don't know. It just doesn't taste well with Tobacco flavors and it gets very hot after a few puffs, never happened with Halo clearomizers or smok ones. Halo Longhorn, one of my all time favorites has a terrible baked/burned taste. I hope midnight apple will taste better. I'm currently vaping a fruit mix liquid, it seems to have a decent taste but there is one huge problem, I strongly dislike fruit liquids regardless of the brand. If Revvo was meant for dessert/fruit mixes than I think I have a huge problem. If that is in fact so then why did I not see any warning on Aspire site about it?

    "swipe up the screen twice to allow adjustment of the values, it has three levels:HARD/NOR/SOFT"

    It's on soft and I use it at the lowest temperature, 200C. I have set the wattage curve at Continuous 80 Watts, it seems top be providing more or less better taste this way. However, I still haven't figured out what the best Voltage would be, it usually is 3.1 for other mods.

    What is Bypass and how can I adjust it?
  • @charlzrocks

    Well, alright, thank you for helping me out the best way you can. I would however ask you to try...Try vaping halo longhorn and tell me what causes this baked taste. I know it sounds like an advertisement but it's not. I'm just interested to know what causes my fav liquid to taste so bad.
  • Have you tried to turn down the watts at all? With a different mod I would burn my cleito .27 coil at 45 watts, but with the skystar I had to lower it to 35 watts or I get a nasty taste out of it even though the coil is rated at 40-55 watts.
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