Your suggestion of a tag line for Aspire

Dear all, Aspire is going to re-design the aspire T-shirt, and would like to have a tag line on the back of T-shirt, which one of below do you like most?
1. Aspire to make a change
2. Aspire to taste the clouds
3. Aspire to inspire
4. Aspire to be a life changer
5. Vaping since 2008(2008 is the year aspire factory was founded)
Or do you have any other suggestions?
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  • I do not like the guy's face on the front, so why not :
    Put what is actually on the back of the t-shirt at the front and put "Aspire to taste the clouds" on the back ?

    Just my thoughts.
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    @Cegoca We will re-design the aspire T-shirt, this time we will not use the design we used last time :D
    Thank you for the suggestion
  • I think the first option is best. It alludes to the "virtuous" aspect of vaping - the idea that it is a healthier alternative to smoking tobacco. It also works as sensible advice about a philosophy of life that encourages constructive criticism and change. The other choices sound more like trite slogans.
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