Nautilus Mini Coil 1.8 vs 1.6

I'm fairly new to vaping and to Aspire coils.
Currently using both of these coils simultaneously side by side, trying to determine the vape difference, and so far they seem the same to me.
So i'd just like to understand the technical build, as the 1.6 uses less recommended Volts/Watts then the 1.8....normally the lower resistant coil uses more, like the 1.2 Triton version of this same family of coils.
1.2ohm (15-20w / 4.2-5.0v)
1.6ohm (7-11w / 3.3-4.2v)
1.8ohm (10-14w / 4.2-5.0v)

1. What gauge is the wire used for the 1.6 vs 1.8?
2. How many wraps are used for the 1.6 vs 1.8?
3. What is the coil wrap diameter used for the 1.6 vs 1.8?
4. What is the intended vape of the 1.6 vs 1.8? Normally the lower resistance the coil, the more intense the vape should be, but the 1.6 uses less recommended watts/volts then the 1.8, so even though they are close, i'm a bit confused about the 1.6 intended vape.
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  • Further to my above questions and discussion, i want to add that i also bought the Triton mini Clapton 1.8 and Triton 1.2, to run along side and compare with the Nautilus 1.8 & 1.2 coils in order to narrow my preferred choice of coil.

    Being a M to L vapor, and using the Excellent Triton mini tank, i have narrowed my choice down to either the Nautilus 1.8 & 1.6 coils.
    These great Nautilus coils in my opinion, offer the best overall balance, and tick all the boxes, now that they are BVC like the Tritons.

    This is why i'm interested in knowing how they compare to each other in their minor technical differences.

    I think its fantastic for all vapors that have always loved the very popular Nautilus mini series, that Aspire has cleverly updated the Nautilus mini coils, and join with the newer Triton mini coil offerings, making them all the same interchangeable family of coils, thus offering more resistance choice for both Triton & Nautilus tank users.
  • Went ahead an pulled apart the Nautilus 1.8 / 1.6 / & Triton 1.2, in order to find out how the resistances are achieved.

    1. Wraps. All three had 10 wraps.
    2. Wrap diameter. Triton 1.2 had clearly widest wrap diameter, and the other two appeared the same smaller diameter wrap.
    3. Wire gauge. The Triton 1.2 uses clearly the thickest gauge, and the other to seemed about the same thinner gauge wire.

    Summery. I would now assume that if both 1.6 & 1.8 have the same number of wraps, then to achieve the lower resistance of the 1.6, it would have to be ever so slightly thicker in gauge then the 1.8, would it not?

    I'm leaning towards the 1.8 nautilus mini coil as my preferred personal vaping choice out of the balance of everything.
  • I too prefer the 1.8 ohm coils over the 1.6 ohm ones. The 1.8 gives me a smoother vape overall. It might seem like a subtle difference to others, But it is a big difference to me.
  • Still wonder why the 1.6 has lower recommended wattage settings then the 1.8. Normally the lower the resistance = being able to handle higher wattage, but in this case of 1.6 vs 1.8, its the other way around.
    Just look at the 1.2 which shares the same wraps as the other two, and knowing the wire gauge gets thicker as the resistance gets lower.
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