Aspire Plato won't connect to Windows 10

My new Aspire Plato won't connect to windows 10. I followed the instructions, and I removed the battery before connecting it.

Windows will send a "connected usb" sound, then after 3 seconds it sends a "disconnected usb" sound. The Plato won't be recognized on the Aspire software at all.

Anyone got this problem as well?
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  • @green_biri ,We listen to users' suggestion that it is not convenience to upgrade the firmware.So we put all the functions on v03-V05 on firmware V06.
    please check the original firmware version for your plato ,lf firmware version of your plato is V06,it contains all the functions on firmware V03-V05,so it is not upgradeable.
  • How can we check what firmware came on the device if we can't get the device to connect to the PC? I am having the same issue as green_biri.
  • @gibsonmethod you can see the operation in the user manual.
    Pressing the fire button while installing the battery
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