Firmware V06 for Aspire Archon mod

Firmware V06 for Aspire Archon mod,users can use below more functions than original firmware V02.All the operations are the same as the NX75.

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  • Nice, I will try that later today.
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    Worked fine for me !
    Did an upgrade on the go for both my Archons : open the software, plug the Archon, select the firware bin file and done, as simple as that.
    But : still the replacement of my C1-C3 settings by the default ones; Aspire, please do something about that ;)
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    Perfect. Thanks! ;)

    Edit: BEWARE!!! My watts were set to 150w after the update. Almost melted my coils. 8-X

    Edit edit: Can we get a better explanation of what the update does? That image doesn't help me understand anything.
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    Don't forget to restart the mod after the upgrade (remove one cell and put it back pressing fire), it will ask if you want the keys or the menu.

    @ksedwar Watch out for the Voltage mode as well, put at around 8V as default.
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