Cleito leaking

Hello all! New to vaping and to the forum. I bought a Cleito about 2 weeks ago and I'm using the 0.4 ohm coil and I am loving it! Seriously thinking of buying a 2nd,as I like to change flavors throughout the day. Only thing is, everytime I refill or change flavors, it leaks slowly through the air intakes.. I've re-seated the coil several times and have even replaced it, thinking maybe I screwed up the threading. I have it on a Eleaf iStick TC100w mod Box, running at 44.3 watts.. Any suggestions
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  • If the coil is seated correctly and is tight, the cause may be overfilling the tank. Do not fill to the very edge, leave about 1/4" airspace at the top. make sure that the Airflow is shut when filling and adjust it after the top is screwed back on, this may help.
  • Hope all works out well for you!
  • Always check your scratch off for authentication! Fakes and clones look the same but the machining can be iffy on some and the coils are just plain trash on the fakes. :-B
  • This sounds right. I do fill it to the top, and I never pay attention to the Airflow. I reseated my coil earlier and jus let some juice out of the tank, closed the Airflow and put the top on. I think this did the trick! I will report back tommorow.. Thanks charlzrocks
  • Well, it's a fail.. It did stop for a bit last night, I was vaping and happy.. Refilled this morning, per your instructions @charlzrocks, was going great.. Reached in my pocket and got a handful of juice.. Got the coil screwed in tighter than I ever have, scared to go any tighter.. I really love this setup..flavor is on point.
  • I always take a few vapes just after refilling, this helps too.
  • If you leave it lying on its side, it's more likely to leak, due to just physics, and capillary action. try to keep it upright as much as poss.
  • Well, it's still leaking.. I'm gonna just call it a bad seal or something.. I ordered it online and I don't have the invoice for it. Guess I'll just keep it for a spare, back to my old Kangertech..Sure hate to give it up, the flavor, MAN THE FLAVOR
  • I guess that's what it has got to be, a fake. This thing is eating coils also. I haven't had it a month, already been through 2..Get that burnt taste, and raw throat sensation after about a week or so of heavy use. Now, if I can just find the packaging... @charlzrocks
  • @Badwayz001 I only get a week or so from the coils too. It really depends on your juice. Sweet juices kill 'em off quick (Elements).
  • Days, weeks, months ... we are talking about coil longevity, so please mention milliliters (or whatever liquid measure).
  • I just got this tank and all two days has been nightmare of leaking through vent holes.. My vape shop recommended me so I've got it but this is insider joke but if you sell claito at least you can sell two bottles of juices with in few days is the maricious Vape shop's selling point for the money so watch out.
  • First, you close the vent holes.
    Bring your vape mod upside down . doing so depresurize inner chamber and outer atomizer for mmmm...about 10 sec .

    bring back your vape mod to upright position. " Very" Slowly open top mouth lid piece.

    Recharge the your juice into between the glass and atomizer. Leave 4mm or so from the brim .
    Close the top mouth lid piece screw in very slowly and not too tight .

    Bring your vape mod upside down again . doing so depresurize inner chamber and outer atomizer for mmmm...about 10 sec .

    Bring back to upright position then open vent .

    Very strongly suck the top mouth piece to take out excess juice out of the atomizer .

    Then fire it up for second and hear the sound of atomizer. If its not smooth then you still have too much juice within a atomoizer so suck the juice then blow it out smoke through vent holes.

    After all that procedures you should have no leaking Aspire Cleito in your hand waiting to be Vaped by you ....
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